Red Hibiscus Roselle


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Red Hibiscus Roselle Hibiscus sabdariffa, (also called Burmese Chin Baung, Jamaican Sorrel, Sour Leaf Sorrel, Red Jamaica Rosella) are exotic 3-5 ft. tropical plants with rich red edible ornamental flowers and red stems, native to the Caribbean, Africa, and Southeast Asia. The beautiful red calyxes are used to make floral tangy teas, chutneys, sauces, syrups, smoothies, jams, pickles, wines, juices, and more. The large leaves can be eaten fresh in salads, cooked like spinach, or used in soups.

Species Roselle, Red Hibiscus
Plant Size 3-5 ft. tall

Days to Germinate

7-14 days

Days to Harvest


Germination Rate


Test Date



Annual, Perennial in Zones 7-10
Country of Origin

United States


Full Sun, Partial Shade

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Planting Instructions:

Plant seeds 1/4 inch deep in rich soil 3-4 weeks before last average spring frost indoors or direct sow in full sun after last average frost date in at least 75F temperature soil. Direct sow seeds 6-8 inches apart then thin to 16 inches apart and keep well-watered. Individual leaves are ready to harvest when plant is 2 feet tall, leaving a few inches of the stem on the plant. Harvest every 4 weeks to allow a new crop to grow.

Within-Row Spacing 6-8 inches, thin to 16 inches
Between-Row Spacing 3-5 feet