ProCut Plum Sunflower


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The ProCut® Plum F1 Sunflower, with its rich and vibrant name, embodies the warm and inviting hues of a ripe plum. ProCut Plum Sunflowers have purple or dark-pink petals near the center that fade into cream or rose-gold at the tips. ProCut Plum produces pollenless flowers that grow tall on single stems. These sunflowers are a symbol of beauty and optimism, making them a perfect choice for adding a touch of radiance to your garden. ProCut Plum F1 Sunflowers produce eye-catching blooms that typically measure 4-5 inches in diameter. These sunflowers can grow to impressive heights of 4-6 feet, creating a stunning visual display in your garden. PVP (Plant Variety Protection).

Also Known As: Single-Stem Pollenless Flower, Pink Sunflower, Purple Sunflower.

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Plant Name:
Sunflower, ProCut Plum F1
Latin Name:
Helianthus anuus
Bloom Diameter: 4 - 5 Inches
Plant Height: 4 - 6 Feet
Days to Germinate: 7-14
Days to Bloom: 55
Growth Habit: Upright
USDA Zones: 2-12
Lifespan: Annual
Brand: TomorrowSeeds
Sunlight: Full Sun, Partial Shade
Fungicide-Treated Seeds:*: No
Seeds Packed For**: 2024

*Fungicide-treated seeds protect the seedlings from diseases until they are up and growing. Do not eat treated seeds.
**Seeds are freshly packed for the growing season of the year listed. Seeds are still viable beyond pack date. Store in a cool and dry location such as the refrigerator or basement to best preserve germination rates.


Planting Instructions:

Plant 1 inch in soil after danger of frost has passed in Spring and soil temperature is at least 55F.

 Spacing 12 inches