Red Broom Corn


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Red Broom Corn grows a mesmerizing display of red hues against the sky! Standing tall at 8-12 feet, Red Broom Corn stands out with its stunning red-colored foliage and unique broom-like seed heads, creating an impressive focal point in your garden or landscape. Use Red Broom Corn to create beautiful decorative brooms, wreaths, or ornamental displays for your home, barn, or business for Autumn or Halloween!

Also Known As: Sorghum, Great Millet, Guinea Corn, Durra, Imphee, Jowar, Milo

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Plant Name:
Broom Corn, Red
Latin Name:
Sorghum bicolor
Bloom Diameter: 2-4 mm, 8-15 nodes
Plant Height: 8-16 feet
Days to Germinate: 7-14
Days to Harvest: 100
Germination Rate: 85%
Test Date: 5/23
Growth Habit: Upright
USDA Zones: 2-12
Lifespan: Annual
Brand: TomorrowSeeds
Sunlight: Full Sun, Partial Shade
Heirloom, Open-Pollinated
Fungicide-Treated Seeds:*: No
Seeds Packed For**: 2024

*Fungicide-treated seeds protect the seedlings from diseases until they are up and growing. Do not eat treated seeds.
**Seeds are freshly packed for the growing season of the year listed. Seeds are still viable beyond pack date. Store in a cool and dry location such as the refrigerator or basement to best preserve germination rates.

Planting Instructions:

Plant 1/4 inch deep in soil after danger of frost has passed in Spring and soil temperature is at least 60F-70F.  Harvest any time after the seed heads have developed. Color fully develops as the seeds mature, but may be harvested at any stage of maturity.

Within Row: 2 inches
Between Row: 24-48 inches