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French Fingerling Potatoes are a beacon of haute-cuisine! These radiant, red-skinned, long potatoes feature golden flesh that can sometimes be streaked with red! The uniquely low starch content of this medium, 4-inch-long fingerling allows for an extra-crispy roast, and a gourmet-quality creamy finish that is prized among epicures. Fingerling potatoes do not need peeled prior to roasting, making them excellent for fast meals. Simply cut lengthwise and go! Fingerling potatoes are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and potassium, possessing all the addictive attributes of regular potatoes in a small, bite-sized package.

About Seed Potatoes: Seed potatoes produce potatoes that are an exact clone of the mother seed potato. Seed potatoes are not the same as true potato seeds, which are seeds harvested from the berries of potato plants. True potato seeds will not produce genetically identical potatoes to the potato plant. Growers grow from seed potatoes to ensure the desired qualities of a potato is passed down.

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Plant Name:
Potato, French Fingerling
Latin Name:
Solanum tuberosum
Sprouting Time: 14-20 Days
Days to Harvest: 75 Days
Growth Habit: Tubers
USDA Zones: 2-12
Lifespan: Annual or Perennial
Brand: TomorrowSeeds
Sunlight: Full Sun, Partial Shade
GMO: Non-GMO, Certified Seed Potato
Heirloom, Open-Pollinated
Seeds Packed For*: 2025

*The newly harvested seed potatoes may arrive covered in dirt. Product images are  representative of harvested mature potatoes and not the condition of the seed potatoes when they arrive.


Planting Instructions:

Plant fingerling seed potato segments in 6 inch by 6 inch deep trenches, 12 inches apart. Cover with 3 inches of soil. When sprouts appear after 14-20 days, add 3 inches of soil.  Repeat until soil mound is 5 inches above ground. Maintain even moisture by watering 1-2 inches of water per week. Potatoes are ready to harvest when tops of plants have died completely.

Within-Row Spacing 12 inches
Between-Row Spacing 12-24 inches